On the BIG SCREEN!!!! The Wizard of Oz!!!!


As we were walking in Liz said, “you don’t see that very often.” Of course I had to get a picture.

See, it’s not all fancy like normal movie marquees. The Kalamazoo 10 had to go up to their attic and pull out actual letters and spell out Wizard of Oz.

We didn’t go to the Wizard of Oz for Pig 1. Oh, no. We went for this person.

Yep, that’s the 10 year old Snot.

I was expecting the Kalamazoo 10 to be packed with people dressed up like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion and the whole bit. Sadly, it was less Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more a Wednesday night out at the movies. The only person at all dressed up was one friend of Dorothy and I think he just had more fashion sense than the regular Wednesday night out at the movies in Kalamazoo crowd.

But the movie it’s self was not a disappointment. The colors in Munchkinland almost made me dizzy!! The audio was amazing! The Ruby Slippers??? Ahhhh, so shiny.

You know what we learned from the Wizard of Oz? This world needs more of the color green. Oh, and sequins. The color green and sequins. Big hats too. The color green, sequins, and big hats and fancy dress.

Fancy dress!
Sure, looks better in Munchkin Land

(We could probably do without the random flowers on shoes that they had in Munchkinland, that did not strike me as real practical.)

Don’t you think, maybe, we should try to incorporate this into our everyday lives more too? “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” In the George Bailey way. Great, now I’m mixing classically beloved or hated movies.

Whatever. I’ll never be able to watch it on a small screen again. Ogre, we need that new tv, with surround sound, and hd, blue ray. Yeah.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I tried it, I can still do that back bend one arm thing. In the fancy dress no less.Yes, I am talking to myself.


  2. lol… I can't even bend over in the forward di-rec-tion…


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