It really was quiet…

Why so quiet around these parts?

Blame camping. I tried to contact the outside world. I positioned the three Pigs, lifted a metal camp chair and cursed the sky. Nothing. Actually, it did make it rain.

Which did work out good for the Ogre. We discovered the James St Station Restaurant. We meant to go to the Brew Pub, but it was raining so hard, we stopped a street early and ended up here. It was sort of like the Copper Bar in Marshall. Eclectic.

They had Oberon, home cooking and wifi. It was very close to heaven.

Does a Black Sheep knit in the woods?

Yes, when all the cousins are busy.

Kentucky Irish, I can even find people I know at a camp ground in Norther Lower Michigan!

Yep, even while camping, I spent some time knitting. But let me tell you, it is not for the faint hearted, or those with a weak stomach. I’ve been dragging this poor Kidney Kozy around all month.

Meet John Muir
Pig 1 pointed out that during the month of August we’d gone camping 4 weeks.
21 camp fires
7 drunken sailors
4 bags of marshmallows
3 bottles of bug spray
1 unopened bottle of sunscreen
1 leaky tent
7″ of rainwater
soda, swimming, hummus, SNOT, blood, dirt, sand,smelly cubscouts and a sassafrass plus a whole lotta love. Maybe I should rename that Kidney Kozy Robert Plant.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like you've been having a fun filled, eventful summer! I can't wait for friggin school to start.


  2. Next time take me with you…then it won't be so quite.


  3. Oh I hope it's not the tent I sent that leaks! I didn't even think to test that.All in all sounds like a great August!


  4. Susie…please let school start, please let school start…WonderWhyGal…it was quiet at Knit with Snot Blog…it was LOUD in the Woods baby!Linda! Your tent is perfect! That thing is a dream. My regular tent leaked. I'm taking yours to Cub Camp next time. Too small for Pigs to sneak in, just the right size for me, and no rain!!


  5. How fun that you got together with the rest of the family! Looks like you had a great time–sure the kiddos enjoyed all the fun!


  6. omg…we really did go camping. i thought it was all a dream [or nightmare]. i am so sorry we was sick but had fun. would like to do it again with more cousins. we have lots more. maybe plan something for next year and take over the world…love toady


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