Knit Under the Stars…We did that

I really need to start doing something. No, I mean I do a lot of stuff. But I do it all for free:

We’ve got the Kidney Kozies in the works for the 2 dialysis units in Battle Creek.
There’s the blue squares for the Cancer Cape for the Hope Lodge in Grand Rapids
National Kidney Foundation Volunteer
Cub Scouts-I camp, I go on sub trips, I mostly supervise and yell, but still
PTA, did I mention PTA? Yeah, that too

I need to start charging for my awesome to be at these Fibery Fun Days. I’m like the Monday Night Football Color Commentator, but of the Fiber World!!! That means the funny guy, who adds color to the boring of the commentrary Marty. So I would be there to sassy up your yarn shop’s event. Like hiring entertainment. I’d be more fun than pin the tail on the donkey, but less clean up than pony rides.

But here at Your Local Yarn Store’s Knit Under the Star’s Meet the Dyer Night One Year Anniversary Party, they wouldn’t have needed me.

Jill June, the famous dyer and Kelly J of YLYS

Visit Jill at Michigan Fiber Fest this year. She’ll be an outdoor vendor. No, really, check how Rebecca and I felt about her yarn. We snuggled it, loved it, carryed it around, and generally made out with it.

Check out our new Zombie Slaying device! Scares zombies out of reanimation!

Worried you won’t find the Zombie Prom Date Knitters at the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan on Saturday?

Really? That’s what you’re worried about?

You should be worried that when you find us we like you and we won’t leave you.


Wings Etc-Westnedge ave, Portage
Wednesday Aug 12 6 pm

Michigan Fiber Festival
-Allegan Fairgrounds
Zombie Prom Date Knitters Invasion
Saturday, August 15th
Look for the t shirts! Say HI!! (or prom dresses)

Additional MI Fiber Fest Vendor hours:


6 responses to this post.

  1. You've been so busy lately it's good to see you're managing to squeeze in some knitting.


  2. I sound like such a whiner! I love everything I do and have so much fun doing it. I should have taken photos of my latest knit project. It's very, arty. That's the nicest way to put it.


  3. "the Monday Night Football Color Commentator of the Fiber World!!!"I LOVE THAT! You need to add that across the back of your ZPDK t-shirt!


  4. Don't you think that's the perfect job for me?


  5. Oh Miss Holly! I love how the over exposure makes me look younger than my 41 years of age and thinner! You must always photograph me like this. And that yarn really did love me and want to go home with me.


  6. The evil camera is blessed with the skills of thinness and beauty. It has eye of the beholder lenses built in…because we see you awesome and lovely all the time!


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