We named the Dog Indiana

Today we built a volcano, went to the hardware store, the new location of Tanya’s Totes and built a bike.

I’m still struggling with the Trail Gator, but I don’t think it’s entirely my fault, it requires a torque wrench to safely install. Do you own a torque wrench? Do you know what a torque wrench is?

The dog labeled as “a spaz-tastic breed that should not be left in small areas, near birds, or around the good china” was worn out by noon. I think this could be called regarded a productive day.

Now really, about that torque wrench…


4 responses to this post.

  1. You don't have a torque wrench? They're great as weaponry!


  2. Your local gear head wil have a torque wrench or the guy on your block that has all the car tools Oh! Or the High school shop class! damn! schools out still.


  3. I have decided the power in my arms is strong enough to torque that thing into shape. I don't need no stinking torque wrench!!!


  4. I'm pretty sure I have a torque wrench…pretty sure you'd have to bring the bike to the source…Want me to verify? Call me if you do!


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