Briar Rose Fibers…PRIZES!!!

I got a call from the Ogre while camping saying I got a package in the mail. Yes, it was that kind of camping. If I had wanted to I could have biked up to the ranger station and used the free wifi.

What I’m trying to get at is this…what was in the package.

Not just one, but two glorious skeins of hand painted smile inducing Briar Rose Fibers yarn!

Dream Weaver

Fourth of July

Now, so far we have a Kidney Kozy from Dawn. One from Marty. That’s 2 names in the hat. Marty’s working on a second Kozy because he wants to guarantee a prize. Carina has one done, Kentucky Irish was working on one. WonderWhyGal is not only donating some of her new ROVING, but also plugging away at a Kozy. Spinsanity designed one, knit half of it, and is pulling it out and starting again. Now that’s true love.

What have you got going? Do you want in on this action? Prizes, glory, warm fuzzy feelings!!!

Plus, don’t forget we’re meeting up August 12th at Wings etc on Westnedge to show off our, uh, knitting, spinning, wing eating skills, Yellow Leader shirt from Tour de Fleece?


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