Wonderful Kozy Camping in the Briar Rose

Were you WONDERING where we were?
We were camping.
When it was raining, were you WONDERING if we were OK?

Wait, all the Wonder belongs to Wonder Why Alpaca Farm. Really, it does. Andrea got her first batch of rovings done from her very own herd of Alpacas!!!

Sugar Brown with Rose- Suri Alpaca, merino and bamboo!!!

Back off Biscuit Eaters! This one’s MINE!!

Don’t worry! Some of this pretty, pretty can be yours if you MAKE A KIDNEY KOZY and then get your name in the hat, and win the prize. I’m just saying!

Wait, there’s more!!! The prize from Briar Rose Fibers showed up in the mail while I was in the woods too!!! I couldn’t open the package yesterday because I was too filthy to dare touch the even the box. But I know something BEAUTIFUL is inside.

So there! Two top notch prizes for KIDNEY KOZY makers. Plus that warm, warm feeling you get when you do nice things for other people. If you don’t like to do nice things for other people,

I’ll also put a prize of “kick my puppy” in the hat to counter act your good deed. I AM JOKING. We aren’t running a Michael Vick style charity operation here.

So, we have WONDERFUL prizes, worthy of Sleeping Beauty herself. Get it Briar Rose was Sleeping Beauty’s woodland code name, Spinning wheels, pricking fingers, yarn? Go knit a Kozy.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Ohhhh! You are so awesome! I love all the shout outs to my farm! E I E I O! You are truly WONDERFUL! Now I really need to get my kozie done.


  2. That roving is beautiful! Must get started on my Kozy….


  3. If you love the roving…wait until you see tomorrow's prizes!!! Yes, I said prizes! Chris sent 2 gorgeous skeins!!!Motivation was in the mail this weekend!!


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