The Constant Loop

forget about all that macho shit and learn how to

I was walking down a one way street
Just a looking for someone to meet

driving that train

Now I lay me down to sleep
I guess I’ll go count the sheep
Ha da da dee da hada hada da da (oh)

we all live in a… has many sons (funky remix)

I might beat you
But I’ll just keep my mouth shut

These are the songs on constant Loop…I’m just saying.

Can you name the music in my head?


One response to this post.

  1. Play Guitar-John CougarDo you believe in love-Huey Lewis and the News (because they couldn't spell weather)Casey Jones-Grateful Dead (Kat just bought a house over by the Glass Onion, it's not my fault.)Flashlight-Parliment-The FUNK is in my SOUL!!Yellow Submarine-Beatles and Father Abraham-It's a funky Holly remix, only available here at the Casa de Ogre.Small Victory-Faith No MoreIf you missed out on these guys in the 90's, you missed out. But they play daily, here.


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