How Can I be This Happy?

After I finally got the toilet seat changed and the bathroom clean,

I kicked the Pigs and dogs outside.

I have a plan to keep my bathroom clean too. I call it “Tent from Linda, your new home until school starts.”

I then left the house for an emergency Zombie Prom Date Knitters Meeting.

Why the emergency?

Because we had to get ready for our MDOT Adopt A Highway Clean up!!

Yeah, get ready by drinking beer, Roman Cokes and Defacing our safety vests!

Kentucky Irish and Snot Modeling with flair

Spinsanity was getting ready with her own bit of insanity.


She’s making leg warmers for our sign. No, really.Leg warmers for our Adopt a Highway sign.

We adopted it, it’s Michigan, it get’s cold here, she’s a Mom to like 27 kids, she’s worried about it’s well being. I just hope she doesn’t Tom Sawyer me into knitting a pair for it’s twin on West bound I-94

Want in on the fun?

Join us this Saturday, July 11th 9am at the Galesburg McDonald’s exit 85.

If you are scheduled to work with me, I will be bringing 3 varieties of bug spray.

A First Aid Kit and directions to the nearest hospital are required at all clean up ventures. This is not a joke.

Please review Mdot’s adopt a highway safety video on youtube linked here. and part 2, linked here, this is the meth waste one, and it’s also very important, and required. They both take a total of 5 minutes out of your life and you want to be in the cool photo right?

Children ages 12-17 must be supervised by an adult. Any children under the age of 12 are not permitted.

NO ALCOHOL-(that’s why we got our drink on last night)

If you bring someone younger than 12 I will send you home. Again, I am not joking. People drive like assholes and I don’t want your kid dying like a dog on the highway. So if you want to participate, find a sitter. I will be. Think of it as, alone time with grown ups, or work release program.

Water will be provided in a big soccer style cooler-bring a water bottle.



I’m bad at math, but I’m pretty sure that equals about 1 million miles of trash


2 responses to this post.

  1. Look! Look! All 3 Pigs and a dog fit int Linda's Tent! AWESOME! (I was afraid they might be Ogre sized) ENJOY!And those are some Sassy MDOT Vests! You guys will be the envy of all other clean-up crews. I think the leg/post warmers are fetching;)


  2. Yeah, the Pigs are regular sized.Thank you so much for the tent! It's rockin!I saw a guy in a work vest and I wondered if his secretly wanted it bedazzled!


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