Tour de Enchiladas

Look how tasteful and arty.

NOOOOOO!!! Of course I didn’t spin that!

Jill of Fuzzy Wuzzy Fiber, Wool and Wheels did!!!

I’m using a spindle, and I don’t belong to the family of Spinsanity…

Where were all these awesome photos taken you ask? At Nina’s on Capital in Battle Creek, not on 20th as I may have indicated. Hey, it’s been like 16 years since I lived in the Creek. I get confused. Plus, ask me for directions, I’ll speak with confidence, you will trust me, and you will get lost.

Jill has in fact become our Yellow Shirt leader, but our previous leaders were still fancying up said shirt. I hear it’s now appropriately AWESOME.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Take pictures of the shirt! Very pretty yarn! Searching for my camera cord . . .


  2. I really need to get crackin' on this! Motivation where art thou?


  3. Very creative! LOVE the pics! can you spin sock yarn with a drop-spindle?


  4. I am not spinning sock yarn at this point on my spindle! But the people around me do!!!


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