Celebrate the USA and Viva le France, er FLEECE!

Happy Birthday Addy!!!

Happy 4th of July! Hope to see you out at the Home Grange 4th of July Parade! (Scroll down for actual directions. )

While you’re there, why not become a member? You know you love spending time with me and the Pigs, Ogre sightings are frequent at the Grange and this year State Session is being held in Marshall, you can enter KNITTING into the State contests!! Plus National Grange is in Grand Rapids this year and I have been promised a giant fairy princess dress in snot green if I participate.

Check it!! I believe I am current yellow shirt leader in Le Tour de Fleece for Team Zombie Prom Dates!

Ok, the only reason I think I may be the leader is because:

1. Today is day 1 of Tour de Fleece
2. I generally wake up earlier than anyone else in Team Zombie Prom Dates
3. I have the yellow shirt

What’s up with Tour de Fleece-check here? If you are on Ravelry, check it up there. We are chatting it up over at our regular Zombie Prom Date Knitters board. We have a Team on Tour de Fleece called Zombie Prom Dates. It’s good to keep with a theme.

Here’s what’s up with the yellow shirt.

I am making a Yellow Leader shirt. For those involved with the spinning TdF challenge and if you feel you deserve the leader shirt…come and get it from me…

but then you have to wear it, or at least tote it around, and sign it. Markers will be provided.


Yours in crafty and crazy snottiness

Holly B

I wonder if anyone will come and get the shirt?


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