Evening Knitting Event!!!

Soo, Your Local Yarn Shop in Battle Creek called me last night. I mean your local yarn shop in your town could have called me also, but that would have just been weird. No, it was Your Local Yarn Shop in Battle Creek calling to tell me they were buying me lunch. I knew we were friends, but this was awesome. Turns out I won a drawing, we’re not that close.

But while we were on the phone, I did learn about Roof Sit for the Haven and Knit Under the Stars. (If this were a Kid n’ Play movie it would Pjammy Jam flash back time, instead I just danced in my PJ’s. Yes, I was in my Pj’s when they called at like 6. It’s summer, I can do what I want.)(The Photos are implying it’s summer and I can do what I want.)

If you haven’t heard, Battle Creek’s Roof Sit will be happening at our store, starting at

6AM Friday, June 19 and running through the night until 7PM, Saturday June 20. The Roof Sit team and YLYS are joining together to ask for donations to help support our community and the Haven of Rest and Inasmuch House shelters.

Join us for Knitting under the Stars Friday night, June 19 as the team sits up on the roof , we can knit from the parking lot!!!! The store will be open until Midnight, so wear your PJ’s! I will be in mine! Bring your lawn chair, blankie or whatever other comforts you need and knit under the stars with us!

We’ll have free beverages and popcorn. We’ll also be matching donations made from 6PM – 12AM in Yarn bucks up to $10!!!! Yeah, how easy can it be, donate $1 and we’ll give you a $1 yarn buck……. you can’t loose with this one. If the weather doesn’t permit outside knitting, we’ll move inside for some nighttime knitting silliness. Get the kids dinner and then join us in the parking lot for some nighttime antics, charity and some much needed ” good times!” Wait till you see the set up. : )

Should I break this down for you?

June 19th
6PM-Midnight-Your Local Yarn Shop Battle Creek
Donations to Homeless Shelter= Free Yarn Money

Free Soda and Popcorn
Bring a Chair and Warm Clothes-Think Slumber Party at the Pink House!
Shovel to fend off zombies
Pizza Places will surely deliver to parking lot-bring extra cash


7 responses to this post.

  1. I'm tellin ya. You guys do the coolest stuff for Charity. AWESOME!


  2. I didn't come up with this! I'm just spreading the good word!


  3. Man!! What a cool idea!We shoulda thought about doing this at the pink house, but I guess that you need something structurally sound to pull it off, right?


  4. Hey! I won too. How cool are we?


  5. Not to mention relatively safe and crackwhore free, Mono. Dammit. We ARE going to go knit on your old porch. We'll save you a seat.


  6. We should meet for free lunch and go eat it on mono locos structionably stable roof!!


  7. It was a lot of fun, even when the power went off and the radio guy's antennas fell off the roof in the storm. I'm not sure we'd want to copy that part, though.Oh, and Kelly said she's going to do more of these this summer. Yay!


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