There really is a lot here

I have a huge backpack I carry around, and here’s why:

This doesn’t even include my emergency knitting project. I had to pull that out because I blew my nose on it in a moment of desperation last week. Hey, remember, don’t accept a gift washcloth from knit with snot, because really, it has been knit with snot.

So the Ogre asks, “what’s with all the buttons, you never finish anything.”

I have this cute Little Miss Chatterbox Pencil Case I put all my sewing stuff in.
I’ll just throw them in there, never to be seen again.

The Ogre, ever witty replies “Shouldn’t your sewing bag say Little Miss Under Motivated?”

After mocking my buttons, he moves on to my stamps, “Are you going to need to mail a bunch of letters in 2004?”

“Yes, and I am prepared with 1 cent stamps in case Einstein and I happen to take the worm hole for a spin to 2005 and need to pay our gravity bill then too. I’m prepared, just not up to date.”

“I can accept that.” He says, “but the broken watch?”

“It’s sentimental, it’s my Dad’s.”

“He’s not even dead. You see him once a week.” The Ogre inspects the watch closer. “Is that a $10 Kmart Casio watch?”

“Yeah, the watch can go.”

Hey, you know the shawl blanket thing I’m working on for Andrea’s Dad? Well, it’s not just ugly, it is magic!! It made Laura fall right asleep!!

Right, the so ugly a person can’t bear to look at it may still hold true.

Here’s something pretty to reset your brain:

Jill’s lovely lace work. This will also have the glory of beads sewn in. I can’t even manage to get all my ends woven in, and she’s going to sew in beads. Amazing.

After Koffee Klutch some Zombie Prom Date Knitters went over to Grange work day to mock me while I worked on baby quilts.

Yeah, mock me while I do charity work. Charity work. You can’t mock a person while they do charity work, you feel bad, and then you join in…

Actually, Elizabeth has a mad desire to learn to quilt and jumped right in. She also has a mean competitive streak and was all “Snap, I’ve got 4 rows done, what row are you on?”

Ok, she never said snap. But she was always a row ahead of me. I am Little Miss Under Motivated Chatterbox.

A Big Thank You to Roland (Grandpa) for staying late so we could have a late work day!!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I think the lovey is looking great! I wish I could have been there yesterday! Darn work!


  2. Now that is a Mom Purse if I ever saw one:)


  3. Oh just a little tip: the Zombie/Rav buttons go on the outside of the pack:)


  4. The buttons will go on the outside of the new bag. I just didn’t want them to get lost.


  5. My go-everywhere purse has holes in it, so I had to fall back to the small one. It looked an awful lot like that pile when I took everything out. Now I don’t have room for everything I want in the new one. I need to fix my old purse. :(See, you’re prepared for everything. You’re a great boy scout dude/mom. 🙂


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