When Summer’s here, I’m Leaving!


I don’t mean you are bitches, I mean the people who reserved a mini cabin and didn’t really want it and cancelled their reservations are bitches. So, like a shiny, shiny star I swooped in and got it. They toss it, and leave it, and I pull up quick to retrieve it.

Anyway you look at it, I’m going camping in the sweet, sweet, mini cabin, with the Pigs, THE OGRE, and you all will have to keep the home fires blazing and clear of zombies when I’m out hiking in the woods. Because hey, even a zombie slayer needs a vacation, if you can call training with werewolves a vacation.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like fun! Yay bitches!


  2. I hope it’s warmer then than it is this week. Frost tonight?!


  3. It’s August, so hopefully it won’t be frosty, but you never know.


  4. when and where are these cabins? i will send you my plans for the summer on ravelery and we may be going to the same places. toady


  5. Way to swoop and snag!


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