Mowers, Asparagus, oh, you know it’s knitting

Knitting, yep, that’s it.

Are you kidding? You know there’s more than knitting around these parts!

Yesterday was Father-Daughter lawn mower maintenance day. Sure, sure, I did just stand around and watch while he drained the oil. But I did scrape out what felt like 3 years worth of moldy lawn clippings from the under side. I then went on and changed the air filter.

We went out and found 4 asparagus stalks in the weed garden. The garden was then deemed a disaster area and fema will be out to put a trailer on it any day.

Ok, then we sat back and did some knitting.

Dinner-no, I didn’t cook that asparagus, I left it prominently displayed on the kitchen table. I did eat asparagus that knit though. It was all saucy and spicy. Where did I get such a luscious dish? Hunan Garden, baby! I ate so much my pee still stinks.

Fun things to do, that are sort of local:

Tuesdays-Knitting at Knoon at the Koffee Klutch

Friday, May 1st
Chicken BBQ at Home Grange #129
You get 1/2 a chicken, potato salad, dessert, pickles, veg. Notice the dessert is after potato salad and before pickles. That’s the order in which I snarf. No, I don’t remember how much it is. It’s worth every ruddy penny they charge you though. OH!! Drinks are Ogre served! Now that’s a draw in itself.

Address, the Grange don’t need no stinking address. You just have to know how to get to
B dr South and 9 1/2 mile road. If you want directions, please email me.

Wed May 13th an Evening Knit-together

Sunday, May 31st
Kidney Walk
Celery Flats

I swear after June 1st, I won’t talk about the National Kidney Foundation again until September.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, you have to always talk non-stop about kidneys. Ask everyone that knows me, it’s Gift of Life this and My Dad’s double lung transplant that. Yikes! You think by know the organ shortage would be over but you have to drill drill drill it into their thick skulls. BTW, I have already raised $155 for the walk and it hasn’t even been a week! WOOO HOOO!


  2. Andrea!!! You’re the best!!


  3. Thanks, Andrea!Little Carter


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