More with the Knitting

Oh, the Koffee Klutch! You with your great food, excellent coffee, and super awesome friendliness! Why don’t I go there everyday?

Probably because the small town of Galesburg needs a break from the Zombie Prom Date Knitters’ crazy.

Check this, an actual almost knit only once Print O’ the Wave. That’s right, super speed knitter Jax was with us this week!

While there, she not only showed off her handiwork, but lead a seminar on new methods of shovel wielding.

Laura watched the new moves and declared “I don’t need no stinking shovel, I need my crossbow!”

She then promptly shot herself in the head with her crossbow arrow/size 15 wooden needle.

We had a new friend, Jill, make it Tuesday. Jill just so happens to have a business and sells Schacht Products. Hello, Ladybug wheel! What a day to show up for the first time. At least she got her zombie slayer’s training out of the way. Welcome to the crazy Jill!

Jax, made giant socks, on accident.

They’re only 2 sizes too small for the Ogre. Please note I will not be knitting socks that large, unless of course it’s an accident. Ok, it’s possible I’d make socks that large anytime I cast on a pair.

Speaking of casting on, Andrea, of Wonder Why Alpaca Farm fame, just finished her first scarf!!

I can honestly say I taught her to knit. Sadly, or luckily, I did not teach her to purl. The world has been infected with another Holly taught knitter! May all your projects be knit with snot. Hers may actually be knit with alpaca snot!

If you’d like in on this awesome, many a Zombie Prom Date Knitter will be at the Charity Craft In this Saturday. $25 gets you in the door, the $ goes to the National Kidney Foundation, and you get free lunch, a chance at some sweet hourly prizes, and all the crazy you can stand.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, I spot my print o’the knit too many times to count tm back there beyond those not quite Ogre sized socks. Evil camera can’t miss me even when it tries.


  2. The evil camera is a genius of photography!!!


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