Happy Earth Day

Do something nice for your favorite planet today. Ok, if it’s not your favorite planet, do something for the planet you live on today.

Ride your bike,
Dance a jig (I swear, Gaia loves it)
Buy and use ecobags, Target was giving out free reusable bags starting April 19th, Disney Stores give you a mystery gift if you bring in 3 plastic water bottles.

Check out earth stuff at NASA

Earth Day Michigan

Earth Day Network

Slow Food

mother earth news

Barbara Kingsolver is awesome.

Wow, if you say earth day enough, it sounds funny. earthdayearthdayearthdayearthdayearthdayearthday. Yeah. I’m done here.


5 responses to this post.

  1. LOVE Barbara Kingsolver


  2. Went to the grocery this morning for milk. Checkout girl goes to put it in a bag. I’ like, um,ya, that gallon of milk has a handle. I don’t need it’s forty eleven pounds in that cheapass flimsy plastic bag that won’t hold 3 pounds thankyouverymuch. It’s Earth Day for Pete’s sake!


  3. Yea, um that was before coffee. I’m a real biotch b4 coffee. Oh who am I kidding I’m like that all the time.


  4. What’s with the bag pushers? I’ll buy one little thing, tell them no thanks, I have a bag–as I hold up my knitting bag, purse, reusable–and they give me a dirty look as they shove the item into the bag I just asked them not to. Take the item out of their bag, put it in mine, leaving the plastic one on the counter and you’d think I called their kid ugly or something. Sheesh. Hold the damn bags already.


  5. There kids are ugly. I told them that just before you went through the line when I used the bag I brought.


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