Please, sir, I want some more.

Some may remember the cotton hot pants I made over the holidays.

Some of you may be a hapless victim of said item.

Alright I’ll call them by their proper names mitered hanging towels from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.

Well, in say December I was a bit smitten with cotton dish cloth yarn. You know, useful items, knit quickly out of inexpensive yarn are the perfect holiday gift. It seemed like the perfect storm. Then, in a wave of inspiration, I decided to buy up the world’s supply of cotton yarn and start knitting gifts for next year.

This grand idea lasted until March 17th, the first day of the dreaded Print O the Wave.

Around April 1st, working with lace weight yarn on a project for me, seemed more than a little selfish. Ok, truth time. I hate knitting lace. I mean lace in itself is lovely, and the techniques are super simple, but there is a lot of counting, and attention that needs to be paid. Plus, I need me some instant gratification. 4 hours of work = one inch of finished goods. Please, bring me my cotton.

So, I made a pair of hot, I mean a mitered towel, and then some wash clothes, and I still had plenty of yarn, from the same monster cone of cotton.

I thought surely someone must be having a small human in the near future, I’ll make a baby sweater.

Still, the cone of cotton was taunting me. Another baby sweater!

I swear, when the cone is gone, I will apply myself to the Knit a long that I set up and then have completely switched patterns and ignored. But really, that cone of cotton makes for quick knitting, instant results and well, generally less swearing. Plus, it makes an excellent napkin if you’re out knitting in public.

Now on to fancy knitting talk…My socks are done! What, me knit a pair of socks while all this cotton yarn is flying about? No, no, my friends, the jewel tone lovelies that Marty has been working on are now mine! Complete details, story, the zombies they helped to behead, and adventures galore…tomorrow.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s it (throwing down lace)!! I give up!! I must knit cotton hotpants for someone for Xmas!!!After all, I do have 3 lbs of white kitchen cotton from the “yeah, I’m gonna crochet curtains for the ghetto house” endeavor. Hmm — waddaya think about knitting them and then tie dyeing?


  2. Dye them! Dye them!!!


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