Pride and Socks

I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe some of my attempts at doing new things would go better if my accomplice wasn’t a 4 year old. Super helpful, but lousy with a utility knife.

I’d like to point out there was only a little blood. Mine, not Pig 3’s.

After all the activity with the screen, I decided to reward myself with knitting and hobnobs.

When I was at this point in the sock knitting,

I was so giddy, that I did a fashion shoot.

After a half an hour, I thought maybe I should just finish the second one. Besides, my other foot was cold.

Pride and socks. I finally got to it.


8 responses to this post.

  1. awesome, a completed pair of monkeys!


  2. Great socks, but OW to the blood stain!! Personally, I can’t be trusted with anything sharper than a butter knife…


  3. pretty socks!


  4. Yay! A finished pair. And so fast, too! They look great.


  5. Those look fabulous! You’re making me want to cast on my own MonkeySocks. :)Sorry about today–it was an absolutely awful day. I’ll see if I can watch the video on-line.


  6. A whole pair of socks and a new hair cut? Very snazzy!


  7. Socks look awesome, Holly!


  8. Yes, new socks, new hair, I’m feeling all super sassy these days. Now I just need some new shoes…


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