Knitting. It’s better now?

Nap, or mess around in Kalamazoo. What no knitting on my things to do list? Nope, I was trying to see if I could go all day without knitting. (I think I have a problem.)

Check this beauty out!

It’s at the Retro furniture store on Westnedge.

Sure, sure, you have one like it in your basement and you’ve been meaning to haul it to the trash. WELL DON’T!!! I want it.

I also went to the Kalamazoo Library (hey if you’re local and you love your local library, please, please rock the vote May 5th.)

I turned in some of the Ogre’s beloved favorites to the Friends of the Library Store. Actually it was a bunch of duplicate copies. I mean really, how many copies of Atlas Shrugged does one family need? We had 6. We now have 2. No, none of them were signed or special. Wait! Maybe he was hiding money in them!!! No, I checked.

Oh, but the pain and glory I found on the shelves…

A 1991!

This is why people didn’t want to knit, want knitted gifts and still mock knitting.

Why Mr. Cosby? Why?

I also scored this Alice Starmore book.

Now I’ve given away not one but two of my favorite places to shop. Retro furniture store and the Friends of the Library Store. Now please, go buy me my couch.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I was just at Retro earlier this week and that must be a new addition because it wasn’t there before!! woop woop!Kat


  2. You got a Starmore book at the library store?? Score! Bring it Tues? And the pattern for the P-FLAG sweater…it’s hawt.


  3. Awesome couch! Sweet library find!


  4. O my Gosh, the rainbow sweater is priceless!


  5. I remember those sweaters. How sad is that?


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