Print O’ the Wave O’Patty or Bring me a Pint

I have this beautiful Briar Rose Seapearl that I wanted to make into a shawl. Me a shawl? Me a shawl that’s blue not orange??

You see, the Ogre and I have this Zombie Slayers Convention in Florida this December. I thought it would be nice to have something small, shawl like, and able to be thrown in a zip lock bag and shoved into my back pack.

Hey, it is a convention, but it does involve zombies. It just wouldn’t make sense not to store something nice in a zip lock when it’s not in use.

But I couldn’t decide on a pattern, and I didn’t want to knit-a-lone, so I asked the other Zombie Prom Date Knitters if they would be interested in a knit-a-long. Somehow, my evil scheme worked! Others have decided to take up the insanity!

Do you want to join the fun?

Here’s the info:

Print O’ the Wave (O’ Patty) or Laminaria O’ Geesh

Start knitting on St Patty’s day
Cry about said shawl on Mother’s Day
Keep knitting on it through Memorial Day Weekend
Pretend we never started a shawl a long in the first place by Father’s Day

Goal end date: Labor Day (2009)

If anyone can complete a shawl, something magical will be bestowed upon thee (it’s your shawl.)

Are you in? Give us your stats:

What pattern you are knitting (or are you a follower or a leader)
Yarn and amount you have
Do you think you’ll have enough yarn
Bets on when people will finish
Bets as to when people will cry
Wagers on who will drop out

On the eve O’ Print O’ the Wave O’ Patty, I thought it would be a good idea to get the yarn wound up. Here is my assistant.

As it turns out, Pig3 is not so great of an assistant. Pig 1, was also demoted from assistant.

Me, what was I doing? Fighting back tears. Great big “I love rainbows and unicorns” girly tears.

Because said assistants don’t care about the tangling of the yarn, they just want to spin the ball winder. My yarn stash for a swift…They must call them swifts because instead of all the tears, a person says “wow, instead of taking 300 years, that was swift, you know as in quick and not tear inducing.”

Why didn’t anyone tell me knitting was such a pain in the ass? Wait, knitting’s easy, it’s preparing to knit that gets you.

And that’s all I need. The ashtray, the remote control, the paddle game, this magazine and the chair. And this, a swift.

And I don’t need one other thing, except my dog.

Really, that’s how the Print O’ the Wave O’ Patty has started for me, one big jerky mess. Let’s hope the knitting goes better. Oh, wait, I still have to print out the pattern…


6 responses to this post.

  1. Bad pigs!!


  2. I’m going to predict that I will drop out before even starting. Wow! Look at my amazing psychic powers! 😀 As for the swift… You need the deluxe, portable, zombie slaying model like I have, available from the Oregon Woodworker ( They fold up into a great little bag, so you can take them to any zombie slaying event with ease.


  3. OK I can’t knit (yet) and I haven’t even started the Maggie Wrap yet and it already has me in tears! Not fond of the Blueprint Crochet technique! I need directions! Oh and my swift is awesome as long as the yarn isn’t twisted…which it always is! Going to cry again…..


  4. BTW: LOVE the Sea Pearl! My Grace is very similar. It hasn’t decided what it want s to be yet:)


  5. That is one vintage tee that pig is wearing!!!love you guys!Kathy


  6. I haven’t cried yet, but I have gotten more creative in my cussing. You know it’s bad when I start off in Russian . . . Bad knitting night.


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