Yes, it’s more about the "EVENT"

Instead of keeping the world safe from zombies, and on the eve of International Zombie Awareness Day, I was helping to make freebies for the Scrapbook Event. Ah, yes, small pieces of paper cut and taped into fabulous…borders. I once swore to never make another border again. Actually if you search “scrapbooking” here at knitwithsnot you’ll see posts full of Adventure! Babies! and Knitting! Why, because I secretly love scrapbooking. Secretly.

So here’s the gig, the Ogre is making potato soup. Sarah is making chili. I just wondered why the Ogre has a cool name, and Sarah’s name is normal. Then I thought, well, at least Sarah’s baby’s name is Machete.

We will have homemade bread, rice krispy treats, no bake cookies (which I’ve heard are already being drooled over) candy at every table and a supply of Diet Soda. (Ok, other sodas too, but really with all the candy, you need the weirdly sweet mix of artificial sweetner. Plus, I don’t think the Church allows beer.)

Prizes? We’ve got prizes! Our grand prize is a Get Sassy for Spring package from Panopoulus Salon. NO, that’s not the real name of a package at the salon. But it is a 1/2 hour massage and a haircut. You really could use that to Get Sassy for Spring. I want to go to there. But, I can’t win, because I’m a co-host.

Scrapbook freebies just for showing up! (ok, I should say, “with your paid admission”)
1/3 of the freebies were handmade by me! Those are sure to be a collectors item at some point.

Hourly drawings-PLANTS! Sweet baskets from a green house specially made for this event!! Beauty products! Scrapbook supplies! I may throw in yarn out of spite!

We’ll have Andrea there with information about Gift of Life Michigan.

I’ll also be attempting to teach Andrea to knit! You should totally come just to witness that!
Did I fail to mention that Andrea has Alpaca? Alpaca, everywhere and doesn’t know who would ever want her fiber…We should really help her.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m going to be there. Yay! Oh, and Shannon’s seriously thinking about it (I’m bringing my extra ball winder as bait). It sounds like a great time, and I’m bringing my spinning wheel.


  2. Saaaaaaweeeeeeet!!!


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