Your Local Scene…Kalamazoo Gazette

Our own little Fabrications at Clock Tower Green in Richland was in the Sunday Gazette. See for yourself:

Richland retail center of complementary businesses sees strength in numbers

In the article it says this of Fabrications: “The business specializes in selling hard-to-find fabrics, including those used in the fashion industry.”

A very nice photo of Janet and Dick were included in the print copy, but sadly, the mention of their wonderful yarn selection was over looked for the article.

So, I’m going to do them a solid and add a little more to their part of the article.

Fabrications, a super friendly locally owned business, specializes in selling hard-to-find fabrics, including those used in the fa shion industry. When you walk into the store you will be greeted in a friendly manner. Fabrics of all shades, designs and textures will lead you in. Then, you will spot the thing you always dream of at a fabric store…High quality yarn!! Not just yarn thrown in on a whim, but good yarn chosen by a fellow knitter.

Fellow knitter? Feller knitter! Men who knit UNITE!! Embarrassed to buy yarn-Forced to pretend it’s for a “friend”? Don’t worry about it!!! This is your store!!

Besides sewing and knitting classes, they also offer a Drop in Knit Night Twice a month. If this info would have been included in the article, these are the corresponding photos of the great fun to be had by all.

You know, with all this additional reporting I’ve been doing for the Kalamazoo Gazette, I should really be on the payroll.

Hey, that reminds me! Mr. William R. Wood! Have you checked out that Reuben at the Koffee Klutch yet? Friend, you are missing out!!


One response to this post.

  1. How could they NOT write about ALL the store has to offer???? That’s just poor reporting. Good thing you were there to finish the job! Nicely done!


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