It’s always knitty

I’ve finished knitting a baby sweater,

Sure, sure, those are unwoven ends. I did say finished knitting, not finished-finished.

Two stuffed animal vests,

It was weird, the whole world flipped upside down right as I was taking this photo.

and have started on my Major Award yarn.

Which now and forever more will be known as the Major Award Throw.

I’m starting to wonder if I was too caught up in the winning when I picked the orange “coordinating color.” It’s starting to look a lot less coordinating and more complimentary, er, stand outish and bright.

I blocked a sweater. You’re saying you don’t block sweaters this way? Pins, huh?

I tried to steal some mittens. Not swap, steal.

These were made by my swap partner, but for Jack, not me.

Then I decided stealing was fun,

and I took Marty’s spoon. Man, that chili was good.

After the spoon incident I decided that crime really is fun and I took my new magnetic powers and used them for evil.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Good god woman!! You’ve been knitting your a$$ off!!


  2. Well, I’ve got all this spare time on my hands now that my drinking buddy moved away.


  3. So much knitty goodness all in one post. I should drink more, huh?See Marty? )Or was it Other Marty?…love the antennae, by the way) That baby DOES like his head thrown back!


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