Weekend Adventures!

Ah, Chicago! We went for the museums, but some of us left a bit behind.

Shedd aquarium, a lovely time. Completely uncrowded. Something about it being a Thursday and the bottom half of the place being under renovation kept the place free of people. Or maybe it was the look of Pig 1’s green face.
Let the barfing begin!!!

While we stopped at a Hot Dog stand, Pig 1 barfed in the grass, upstream from the Hot Dog stand. What are you gonna do?

I was worried, freaked out, a little traumatized even. No, not over the barfing while hot dog eating. Best hot dog of my life. No, I was worried because I had only one skein of yarn with me and it was looking like I was going to be stuck in a hotel room all of the next day with a sick kid.

Hey! In Chicago they use Ogres to mark trails. I guess there are other job options for Ogres.

No illness can keep a future Paleontologist from the Field Museum.

We saw Sue getting dusted, the Aztec World, Pirates, and an incident happened where a new shirt was needed.

Things I learned at Brookfield Zoo:

A skinny scarf can be stretched to cover ones ears
You will be mocked for covering said ears
I will be knitting a hooded scarf
When it says “Active Adult Supervision”

It doesn’t mean “Active Ogre Supervision”

If you take Pigs to a Dolphin Show, one Pig will get to be a helper

If you take Pigs to a Dolphin Show, and tell them you’re going to a Donkey Show next, they’ll ask questions.

Wombats stink. Really. A lot.

We also hit the Planetarium.

For those wondering “Why drag those poor sick kids all over the place.”
Yeah, they felt good enough to beat the crap out of each other.

For those saying “Irresponsible! Those Pigs got other children sick!”
All I can say is-suck it up. Actually don’t suck it up, buy some hand sanitizer and keep your hands out of your mouth.

After all that adventure, I think I earned this one.


3 responses to this post.

  1. That sounds like a good trip overall. :)I love the museums in Chicago. Maybe it’s almost time for another trip . . .


  2. Hey! Are you meeting up this Thursday?


  3. […] Oh, Chicago, ye olde barfy city! […]


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