It was like the Grand Prize Game

Spinsanity and I met up at this crazy circus like event.



Here’s what greets you when you walk in.

Really, this was taken the moment I walked in. I tell you, the evil camera sure does help a person make an entrance!

I fell in love with these.

Sure, I’ve always loved shibui sock yarn, but did you check out that shawl? It’s a $105 kit-the yarn included is silk and the pattern is not sold separately. I was sad. I knew Spinsanity was trying to distract me from my melancholy when she said “Oooh, something shiny!”

Ok, it wasn’t actually shiny, it was in fact SPINNY!!

As part of the Grand Opening Celebration you spin the wheel and get a discount or prize or both.
I really wanted to land on 13. I ended up on 12.5. Sadly, the wheel fell to 12 and…I GOT A 20% off discount!! SWEEET!

Ok, 13 was a giant bag of cascade yarn and the wonderful wallaby pattern, but hey, I can spin again when I stop back in.

PLUS!!! When I checked out, I got a coupon for $5 off a skein of sock yarn and a free pattern.

Did I forget to mention cookies? The have free cookies and soda this week too. I love snacks.

How’s that for awesome? Plus-this Sale goes on all week! Get in there before Saturday, Feb 28th!!!

Wait!! What’s this? Why am I eating, AGAIN!

Oh, that’s right. It was Grange Work day. Sure they call it work day, but it’s actually a lot of fun.
Ok, I don’t have any photos of the first job I did, but those toilets are sure sparkly now.

You know I knit, and I crochet, I just recently admitted to scrapbooking. But the one thing I will never do is…sew.

WAIT! I can’t take on another hobby!!!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Ooooo a Quilting Bee! You are just a little Craft Bug aren't you?! She knits, she spins, she crochets, she scraps! She's Crafty Woman! Ta-Da! Where is your orange & green cape!?YLYS looks awesome!


  2. My deranged non-school-skipping kid (seriously, if *your* mom said, “Why don’t you ditch school and go shopping and eat cheap Mexican with us?” wouldn’t *you* jump at that???) says we MUST go see what today’s freebies and spin o’the wheel turn up. Right after school. Harumph.


  3. I do need an orange and green cape!!Spinny! You’re raising that girl so nice. It’s a good thing she had some time hanging out with Shelly.


  4. That must be why they were still open when I left the grocery store last night. Now I know what I will be doing Saturday!


  5. That must be why they were still open when I left the grocery store last night. Now I know what I will be doing Saturday!


  6. I want to go right now!! Tomorrow Thing 2 is going to be dragged there right after school. Yippy.


  7. I’m jealous. It looks like you had so much fun!


  8. Wow! The yarn shop looked amazing. I wish I had a shop closer to where I live. I have to coordinate my shopping with my trips into center city Philly.


  9. I won a major award too!!!I get to pick it up Tuesday!!!!


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