I’m finally going to admit it

I go do this thing one day a month with a group of ladies.

There’s snacks, and treats, and laughing. At first I would lie to my friends and say we’re just hanging out. But finally it was leaked that I was going to


I tried to act like I don’t like it, and I never said that I actually was a scrapbooker. But now, I think I need to just admit I have a problem.

I was starting to take over Sarah’s part of the table. I had even more supplies under the table. Plus, I was making fancy pages. I wasn’t just throwing in pictures this time.

Plus we worked on making freebies for the March 14th Charity Scrapbook Retreat we’re hosting. Yes, I was making borders, and using the big slicer and not complaining. Except when my cup ran dry.

You’re telling me you’ve never seen how mixed drinks are made?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Girl, look at your stash of scrapbook stuff! That stuff is expensive, money you could spend on yarn! Just jokes, I always thought scrapbooking would be fun, but I have issues with actually making hard copies of photos. I’m too lazy, and it takes up knitting/spinning time. 🙂 Did you get my mitten swap package?


  2. Envious. I can't crochet two projects at the same time let alone read a book while I have somethin on the hook. Scrapbooking AND kniting AND kidney kozies AND Pigs & Ogres, Oh my! You are multi-talented.


  3. I think you just have a stash addiction. Looks like loads of fun!


  4. SUSIE!!! I think you may be on to something!! I have a stash of fabric and I HATE to sew.Now that I think about it…I have BEADS too!!!I have a problem. Or many craft related problems.


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