A drink with Jam and Bread

I broke down and tried this Five Minutes a Day for Fresh Baked Bread trick that was in Dec/Jan Mother Earth News (yes, I subscribe.)

It actually worked!

Added bonus-it was edible!!! Now I have something worthy of Grandma’s Jelly.

Now, on to knitting. Did I mention I was making the Loppem from Norah Gaughan’s Vol 3? Well, here it is just before the start of the sleeve section. I’m two skeins in and I haven’t ripped it out due to boredom or confusion.

This may be my perfect knit. Beware! I may start making tons of these!

Here also is a lovely shot of how nice my coffee mug will look with soon to be finished sweater.

Hey, it’s snow madness around here. You start thinking “will my mug match my sweater.” It’s not like I can get my car out and go anywhere.


4 responses to this post.

  1. That looks gorgeous! If I didn’t have this massive belly, I would totally make one myself.I really have to get this freakin’ hot pink horse sweater done so I can start Eris for myself. I’m getting twitchy.


  2. That is a killer mug. Where’d you get it? I love mugs. Of course it is essential to have a sweater that matches your mug! What if someone really cool came over and you had to drink a cup of coffee in front of them? Please . . .


  3. Have the planets aliened or something? You finished the mittens for the swap, you made edible bread for Grammy’s jelly AND you haven’t ripped back the Perfect Knit! Go play the Lotto Girl, it’s your lucky week!


  4. It is a lucky week for me! Lotto here I come!Ok, it may have something to do with me being trapped in the house due to snow. I could clean, but this is more fun. Besides, if I clean, I might miss something on Dr Who!


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