Hipster Skinny cuts my Hair

The lady who cuts my hair doesn’t like me. No, she didn’t give me a horrible “I hate you!” haircut, she just likes Shelly better. Yeah.

I sit in the chair and she’s all “Where’s Shelly? She’s awesome!”

It went on like this for an hour. AN HOUR! I don’t have enough hair for an hour haircut. So, it turns out, we have to break up. Why? Because Shelly’s gone on to a better place, and I’m just not exciting enough for her to cut my hair.

Plus, all the girls in there, actually, even the guys are skinny. Like hipster skinny with black tights, long sweaters and boots. No, the guys were not wearing tights, but tight pants, and then all skinny under them.

I’m levi’s and a stripey sweater. I leave and have a Mom hair cut in front and fun hair in back. I have a freaking Mom Mullet. I am business in the front and party in the back! Maybe I did get an “I hate you” haircut.

Oh, wondering about the better place Miss Shelly went to? She’s actually currently in the Creek, but she will soon be in the land that gave Flannel and Starbucks to the masses. Crap, they must have a lot of caffeinated zombies in the Seattle area.

Wear galoshes and carry a big shovel! We’re going to miss you!!


7 responses to this post.

  1. We’re gonna SO miss the stories Shelly told us of monkey love, parasites and exotic danger. We’ll also miss her stories about her time in Ecuador…Marty


  2. I love the fluffy bits bag! That is totally something I would have done. I also empathize with your hairdresser issues!


  3. We need official hair cutters of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters!


  4. I know you can totally rock the mom mullet! Before long a new trend will be going strong! You could always add some fun hot pink streaks or something to add to the look.


  5. I’m getting white streaks already. I think the pink would be pretty rocker!


  6. I’ve recently found Ooh La La on the north side of the Creek on North Capital. Good haircuts, good prices, very laid back.


  7. I do not trust anyone with scissors. That’s why my looks like it does… clean hippie. i would definitely go for the ‘dirty hippie’ loo but my kids won’t let me. I never get to have any fun… 😦


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