Snow Madness is taking over my knitting

Because of these,

I made these.

 Which has made me feel like so
Yes, all that knitting with cotton has made me lose my chin.
What to do, what to do?
     We’ve come together to fight the zombie horde, we’ve worked on cancer capes for the Hope Lodge and spent the whole summer working as one force to make the Barbara J. Hopps memorial blankets.  
But now, it’s time to carve out a new project, one that will help ourselves in times of need!  I’m talking Pre-Planned Holiday Knitting.  Yes, we will encourage each other to be better gifters in the New Year!  
You know you’ve been itching to make holiday stockings for the fam, but you never remember that pipe dream until you get the tree.  Unless you drop everything and start knitting or finish building that time machine, you’re going to need to start earlier than Dec 15th.
January 2009, I dub thee…
Stocking Knitting Month! 
 I will work on Holiday Stockings all Saturdays in January!
Who’s with me?  I don’t even want knitted stockings, but I might Dec 15th 2009.
 But wait!  February is going to be themed also.  It’s going to be my baby making month.  Oh, that sounds wrong, I mean baby knitting month.  Yes, Saturdays in Feb I will work on barf rags aka Baby Genius Burp Cloths from the Mason-Dixon knitting book uno, baby blankets and anything else a baby can barf on.
Why?  People keep having babies.  
 Why preplanned knitting?  I hate working on a deadline.  My dream is to just open up a storage unit and be able to pull out an already knit (with snot, of course) item and gleefully throw said item into an appropriately decorated recycled gift bag and be on my way.

10 responses to this post.

  1. I vote we heat the storage unit and don’t tell the ELPH where it is so I can craft in peace! “Honey? Where is…….” Gaaaaaaaaaa!


  2. Great tree btw. And have a Very Merry White Christmas!P.S. The Weiner Whistles used to come sandwiched in beween the hotdog packages:)


  3. I’m with you, I’m going to look up stocking patterns now, and I was totally planning on knitting baby barf rags a la mason dixon ladies myself. You can never have too many barf rags.


  4. Let me know what stocking patterns you find! Linda! In the wiener packages? Crazy awesome!I still want to see the wiener mobile!


  5. Great minds think alike Holly, LOL.In the middle of all this knitting deadline crap I had decided to just keep on knitting Holiday stuff after 12/25 so that this time next year I wouldn’t feel so everwhelmed.As for a stocking, my mind is on the Fuzzy Feet pattern (from Knitty) modified to be longer and more “festive”. As we all know, Big Needles = Quick Knit 😀


  6. I’m up for stocking knitting! I started the fabulous one from M-D Knitting and there’s no way I’m going to finish it for this year. Sigh…


  7. i have been thinking the same thing. i have to start earlier for next year. i have sooo many things not done. so many people will be disappointed. there is a weiner mobile at henry ford. great place for a day. love toady


  8. I’m there with you. I need to make at least 2, and maybe up to 6 stockings for next year. Please shoot me now? Not to mention the riot of a baby blanket with 9 million ends to weave in. Can I call out sick for the next year? Please?


  9. You know I’m sooo there with the stockings. First one up is Jack’s first Christmas stocking. Kait said, “But he’s not even here for this Christmas!” And I said, “That’s why I’m starting it in JANUARY…so maybe it’ll be actually be done in time for his first.” Uh huh, I’m the queen of UFOs, it seems. Keep me on track, oh Snotty One!


  10. We love the dishcloths and we love you! Thanks again. xo


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