Secret Santas

There was a commerical last year where people were handing out gifts…exactly what the person needed.  Like a lady was shivering in the snow and someone handed them a hat.  Well, keep that part in mind…

Today I read about Secret Santas in 3 States spread Cheer, $100.  Just people handing out $100’s to people who need it, and telling them to spread the love.  Then I clicked over to the Secret Santa Society.  I thought gee, I’d love to hand out the Benjamins, but I am no Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or rap moguel.

BUT, I do knit. I do live in a cold state where ears freeze.  I can knit hats and hand them out as needed, like that commercial!!  I’ll be the Robin Hood of cold ears.

Plus, I can shovel like a fiend.  I may go secret shoveling.  You’ll hear me bitching about it, but it could be this year’s best weight loss program.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Only 82 here today…Brrrr….send down a knit hat!


  2. Awesome Idea! Heck you (we) could even knit/crochet over the ear headbands faster.


  3. Very cool ideas.


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