All in one Day!

Yesterday was deemed “Best Day Ever” by Monoloco (Shelly).  It had to do with dissertations, PhD stuff, monkeys, and well, I was up for the celebration.

You know I normally take my camera everywhere with me, but I was getting my car worked on and I left it at the dealership.  Which made be sad because I saw all sorts of AWESOME when I was walking to Olde Peninsula to share in the “School isn’t as messed up as I thought!” celebration.

I saw the big Santa in front of the Radison.

This photo was taken by Mark Comstock-you can see more photos of freakishly large Santa’s at
Land of the Giants.  I only looked at the Santa page, so if there is pervy stuff on other pages…DON’T LOOK AT IT.

Then I saw one of those tiny Smart Cars.  I so wanted a photo of me licking it.  Because you know, it’s cute and tiny and I just wanted to eat it up. 

It would take 2 Smart cars for one Ogre to fit. 

THEN, I got picked up by Shelly.  Two people on the other side of the street were all “HEY!  It’s cold out here take us too!!!”  I jumped in, sat on a casserole dish, and we were off to the pub.

At Olde Peninsula I needed to take another photo because our waitress was a KNITTER and also super cool.  How often does that happen? 

We should really do a Wednesday there.  January anyone?

When we got to Water Street Coffee Joint for the regular Thursday knitsanity (haha Spinsanity, I’m swiping your clever) I was reunited with my lovely evil camera.  I’ve got photos to prove it.

  A big dirty book in my back pack.  It’s book 3 of the Twilight series.  I think Jax was openly mocking it, but
yeah, I’m cool with it.

I wove in ends of the 4 Special Scarves.

 Alice delivered the Alpaca Hat that Marty hand spun, then hand knit for me.  Pretty sweet!

  Plus, check the button on the top.  Genius!

 The hot pants are now an actual kitchen set now.  Oh, crap, you can see the string on the dish cloth.  Of course the ends aren’t entirely woven in yet.  But really, it was a project done in 2 days, I think one missed end is pretty good.

Then Linda walks in.  This was the only non awesome part of the day…not the Linda part, what happened to Linda.  Her little environment saving Prius got smashed up by a Ford Explorer while she was in the turn lane to visit us!  That was crap-She is ok though.  After some coffee, she was ready to knit.

THEN-Shelly got a new house in Washington!!  Yep, the Monkey Juggler is now a serious short timer.  Her husband done got her a house.  It’s not pink, it has a dishwasher, and I assume a modern heating system.

Now, readers in the Seattle area…Shelly will be in your area soon.  She’s looking for a funky fresh bunch of knitters.  Come on, you know you want to be a member of the new Washington State Zombie Prom Date Knitters group.  Can you handle the awesome that comes with being a zombie prom date knitter?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Way to spread the Zombie Slayer Love Shelly!


  2. But what if I WANNA look at the big pervy stuff???


  3. Did someone say PERVY STUFF?!? I so want a Smart Car. My Prius needs a pet.


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