Knitting a Ranch House? Not quite.

Holly Golightly was possibly knitting a ranch house. Nice, polite, and possibly with 2 bathrooms.

I try to knit “an excellent lady gift,” and it looks like I may actually be knitting hot pants.

Again, a ranch house would be more of a lady gift than this is turning out to be.

But really, look again. Hot Pants! Knit a duplicate,stitch it up and it’s hot pants.

Those dirty ladies at Mason Dixon Knitting. I wonder if all their patterns have subliminal stripper patterns, or if it’s just the Mitered Hanging Dish towel? Really, dishtowel/Hot pants, it’s either crazy or pure genius.

So what’s a person to knit on at swim class?

Did I bring my fancy silky tweed sweater-No. Pool water and silk don’t mix.

How about those Special Olympic Scarves-Again, No. They’re long, and you pick things up at the pool.

I brought the hot pants. When people asked what I was working on, I didn’t even hesitate. I answered “Hot Pants, and I’m also reading the Twilight series.”


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  1. Hot Pants! Genius!




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