The Adventures you’ve been longing for

The sound is back on the computer, the photos are back also, and the zombies are slowed down by the extreme cold temperatures. All is right at knit with snot.

Thanksgiving was started by the family de Ogre going out and hunting for zombies. Due to the cold temps, the zombies were barely able to move. The Pigs used their own little shovels. If it weren’t for all the flannel (zombies) and fighting (pigs, as in “No, that one in the green and blue plaid is MINE), it would have been really quite sweet. Dare I say more fun than skiing?

After all that we figured Pig 1 was qualified to mash the potatoes. I mean really, if he can use a shovel to take out a 6 foot zombie, I think he can handle smashing 10 pounds of taters.

Not only can the Ogre carve up a zombie,

he’s also able to put those skills to use on a turkey. A smoked turkey from Stubby’s in Vicksburg of course. Smoked turkey, it tastes like…heaven.

Last one with their arm up sits at the kid table…

Now, how did I end up at the kids’ table?

I outsmarted the other adults. Really, I needed to concentrate on eating, not on cutting other people’s turkey. Yeah, outsmarted.

Oh, it wasn’t all about food. A few of us managed to work on Special Olympic Scarves!

The following day, Black Friday, we were supposed to meet up at the SUPPOSED to be opened (per their website) Koffee Klutch in Galesburg. I have to say that business missed out on a lot of dime. Knitters from the world over were going to descent upon them and drink coffee and baked goods all day. Oh well, I took my money elsewhere.

I took it and the knitters to this lovely home…

Yes, it’s also for sale! Can you believe it? You could own this classic Victorian charmer!!

Here’s what we talked about…

“Why is Holly using that nastic yarn all the time?”

“She’s got like 4 scarves.”

“I think she just likes red heart.”

“Maybe we should have an intervention?”

“I mean really, Shannon’s making charity hats and she’s using nice yarn.”

Yes, that was it. All wholesome fun, charity works, and Nina’s for lunch. Oh, and the few zombies that needed taken care of, but I was told by not one, but two people not to “lead the girls on any adventures.” Really, what do they think I’m going to do? It’s always the quiet ones that are trouble.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Awww I’m sad I had to spend time with the family now 😛 I’ll be down at Water Street on Thursday, be prepared!


  2. Nice lookin’ bird. You say it smokes? That’s not good for it.Love the scarf and the zombie hunting adventures. 🙂


  3. Sounds like y’all had a grand ole time! Love the house but not in the market sorry. I’ll keep in mind though:)


  4. It looks like fun was had by all!


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