It’s all a haze of Delft Blue and White

How are your Special Olympic Scarves going?

I’ve got one done. It would be more, but well, everything I tried to knit looked ugly. Yeah, so I switched to crochet, and the scarf is super cute. I mean it, super cute.

Here is where a photo should be.

(I downloaded new photo software from Kodak, the evil camera’s corporate controller. Now, well, let’s just say I’ve renamed the computer HAL.)

What pattern is that lovely scarf you are imagining? It’s the One Skein Scarf from The Happy Hooker-Stitch ‘n Bitch, not a crafts/street walker outreach program.

The Special Olympics and Coats and Clark want to have 5000 donated scarves. Eh, those darn do gooders in the Kalamazoo Knitters and Knitting Guild! I swear they’re going to donate 1000!

I’m pretty sure they’ve got 2 out of every 3 yarn-a-holics in Kalamazoo County working on scarves. Yes, they’ve even tricked yarn snobs (cough-cough) into using the Coats and Clark by handing out free yarn.

Me, take free yarn? Well, I tried. I wasn’t able to make it to the pick up point. But, I’m pretty crafty (ha) and was able to track down the hard to find delft blue and white (311.) It’s very
Spy vs Spy around here. I actually got enough I was able to hand some over to Jackie B. I’m afraid to admit it, but I was real close to hoarding Red Heart yarn.

Yeah. It’s like competitive charity knitting. I know I’m not the fastest, so I had to take in recruits.


4 responses to this post.

  1. OK somebody should have told RedHeart about this so they could crank out the Deft Blue & White BEFORE hand! I can't find it anywhere! Wally World used to be the go-to place for RH but since they restructered the store they have like 3 skeins of kelly green.


  2. I know!After the Jan 15th deadline, the world will probably be flooded with Delft Blue and White 311! Right hand, please speak to left hand, he’s your brother…


  3. I have one skein of blue that I will give to somebody. One scarf is enough for me. Holly, I too have struggled with finding a pattern that looked good. Finally, my lack of creativity gave way to stripes, but it is a really, really, long scarf. Of course, being less than 5’2″ it could just be normal length.


  4. Hehe! Don’t worry Bec, I must have a small head because I always make hats that are too small for other humans!Long scarves, small hats, it’s all relative.


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