Daily Sweater Out…Colbert Socks in?

The Daily Sweater, is now a Knitting Pure and Simple top down sweater.

No twisty cabley things to pay attention to, no weirdly large neck hole. Just a nice plain top down v neck sweater. In theory. I think all my knitting is “in theory.”

As in “What are you making?”

“In theory it’s a sweater, but if I get bored, a vest.”

“In theory it’s a blanket, but it may end up a hat.”

It’s all very fluid. Maybe it’s the snot.

Shall we just agree that the Colbert Socks would have been the better Mason Dixon choice for me?

2 responses to this post.

  1. You and me Holly – we are non-comforists. We don’t like to follow the rules, thus explains are complete inability to make a square shaped knit thing. We find odd shapes more interesting. Power to the people!


  2. I really like those KP&S patterns, anyway. Well written, work with any yarn, and much happier to knit. Good idea to switch, since it'll showcase that lovely yarn so well, too.


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