Knitting brings Joy…Fuzzy Yellow Joy

A fluffy yellow sweater for Pig 3, the chicky lover. Now, he can be one with the chickies, whenever he wants.

Was this knit with snot? No, this is an actually garment knit with love, ok, and maybe some dog fur. But this was made by the Pigs’ Fake Aunt Shelly.

Now if you want to knit for a kid and get this kind of reception for you knit goods, here’s the low down…

1. Talk to kid to be knitted for.
2. Hold your breath and smile when they want the fluffy yellow (pink, neon, etc) acrylic yarn.
3. Knit quickly, they may change their mind.

More guidelines for kid knitting can be found in Mason Dixon Knitters-Outside the Lines.

Although, I haven’t spoken to any of the Pigs about the MDK sweater intended for boy Pigs. But their guidelines are spot on.

Also note: super cute, hand made sweater will not make your child magically like the kids in the sweater pattern photos.

Because those kids are drugged for the photo shoots.

If you follow all the guidelines, you too will have a kid sleeping in a hand knit sweater, and still wearing it 3 days later. It’s like wardrobe woobie.

Plus…Happy Birthday Shannon!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hah, I love the Karate pose! He’s Pig-tastic!


  2. Such a cutie. Love the sweater. And the term “wardrobe woobie”… LOL


  3. Awesome sweater Dude!


  4. So cute, is pig 3 karate chopping in his new yellow sweater? He’s awesome!


  5. He looks so adorable in that! Ah, I miss the days mine wore their handknits for days. Now they just steal my cashmere sweaters as their wubbies and complain about their school sweaters. *sigh*


  6. He is just too cute! The sweater is great too. Isn’t it nice when they appreciate it?


  7. Thank you, Thank you! I’d also like to thank Shelly, she of the yellow charity yarn. She made Pig 3his chickies sweater, and encouraged his love of handknits. Or the color yellow, or chickies. Either way, I’m cool with that.


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