We Rocked the Vote, then Left the State

How did you spend election day?

The Ogre and I took the three pigs and got out the VOTE. It was lovely, organized, efficient, and an emotional time. I got teary while voting, and then jumped for joy when the scanner took my ballot and flipped from voter 145 to 146 confirming my vote.

This was all done with three Pigs in tow. I was like a roll model for democracy and family values in action. Funny, isn’t it!

Then, we got out the State. Yes, we took our “I Voted” stickers and high tailed it out of Michigan and straight south to Indiana. You know, haircuts, chicken, shopping.

I knitted to help with the waiting.

Then headed over to Just Goods for some shopping distraction.
I was talking to Becky and we were pretty much feeling the same way, excited and like we were going to throw up.

Hey, did you know the Pigs get their hair cut by an artist? Not just a hair artist, but a sculptor. Check this…

This is his Family Unit sculpture on the corner of Mishawaka Ave and Beyer in South Bend, IN next to Riley’s Studio One.

He’s also currently working on a new sculpture with Grey Wolf and Princess Mishawaka.

He’s also done a sculpture for the Potawatomi Zoo.

I’m betting you’re hairstylist isn’t that cool.

Well, then it was back to Michigan, and back to the stress of waiting…

It was all comfort food at our house. Quesadillas, pie, ravioli, crackers with cream cheese, I’m not saying it was healthy, I’m just saying it was comforting. This was after eating a home style meal at Das Dutchman Essenhaus.

But it all paid off!

The family will be like superstitious sports fans…
“I gotta grow my play off beard”
“I wore these pants and my team won! NEVER WASH THESE PANTS!!”

So, for the next election we’ll have to:
Get haircuts, knit the skull isle hat, hang out at Just Goods, hang out on sculptures, eat the world at Das Essenhaus, then worry and wait over pie and continued junk food.

I so wish the skull hat was not involved in this voodoo.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Hooray! YES WE CAN!


  2. Oh but the skull hat is coming along so nicely! I waited an hour to vote and crocheted the whole time. Only to learn later that it was WRONG! frogfrogfrog Oh well.


  3. My hairstylist was in the movie “Where the Red Fern Grows”. You can find her on IMDB, her name is (was) Jeanna Wilson.


  4. And…I know I have neglected to mention this, but I got my beautiful yarn and I love it. Thank you so much.Sorry for not letting you know sooner, I’ve been planning to post about it but my life is a freakin’ carnival ride these days.


  5. Knit and Fall Back in it! You have a famous stylist too!!! Ah, yes, we are amongst the awesome here at knit with snot!I’m just glad you got your yarn and hope it brightened your carnival 🙂


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