Just go, you get a sticker…

Now, you may have been caught off guard by the time change. It was on a new weekend, and I get where the whole forward/back thing can be confusing. But you have no, and I mean NO, excuse about tomorrow.

You’ve known it was coming. You couldn’t hide from it if you tried. Tomorrow it’s time to


I honestly don’t care who you vote for, just GO!!! Stand in the damn line, take your knitting, just go. Suffrage, Women’s suffrage. Don’t make me get my big soap box out. Besides, you get a sticker.


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  1. Knitting! I hadn’t thought to bring the knitting! A book, yes, but now I’m totally bringing knitting!


  2. Yes! Knitting! You’ll be the most rockin’ person in line!!!I always feel bad for people who don’t yet knit…”oh, that person looks so bored, they should have brought their knitting.”


  3. Guess I better practice standing and knitting, I’m old, I like to sit. Maybe I should borrow a office chair on wheels and just scoot along in the line as I knit…..Yea that’s the ticket…


  4. I frequently stand and knit. I tend to knit and dance as well. Go vote and get free coffee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2J8KJDsqqY


  5. Bring your spindle and fluff–you get further between wind ons when you stand and spin!Plus, people will stare. Some might even ask. And you can tell ’em where to get a cool spindle of their very own. 😉


  6. I am so bringing my crochet. I still have 4 blocks to go for the NYOBE. Everyone is going to be so jealous! Standing around with nothin to do but watch me whip out a square. HA!


  7. I didn’t get a sticker.


  8. Thank you for all the awesome!!Elizabeth!!! No sticker???It must be because you are so close to Canada, or are on a college campus, or, or, I have no idea what’s wrong, but it’s wrong!


  9. Got my sticker!!


  10. It took me 45 minutes, but I voted! Next time, I won’t take the Zig-Zag Jacket–to heavy to knit quickly while standing in line. Still, I got some done while waiting. Very cool.It took David two hours this morning. The lines here are crazy!


  11. 10 minutes to vote baby!!! That was with all three pigs and the Ogre with me. I was in the “township express” line.


  12. We voted bright & early this morning. I got a sticker for the first time ever – which I have been proudly sporting all day. I saw a lady in line knitting.


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