Here’s to another great 29!

Why so happy?
I keep having birthdays, but I never seem to age!

First, a fancy dress party with Pig 3…

Then some sushi, and then some cake.

Then some knitting and well, some more CAKE!

Oh, the shirt? I’m just wearing it all the time now, and boy does it stink.

Some of us actually did more than just cake eating. Jax pretty much made this whole hat.

These two, they were trying to figure out how old I actually am.

It went something like this:

“I’m pretty sure she was 20 awhile ago. She could be 29 now, but was she 28 last year, or 29 last year? Shouldn’t she be 30 now?

“Hey, wasn’t she 30 when she had one of those kids?”

“I think she may have been 29. Let’s see, 29, 30, 31, 32.”

“The numbers just don’t add up. Someone’s not being honest here.”

“Oh, hell, she’s making me that awesome skull hat, let’s just agree she’s 29.”

>Cake was provided by Carina.
>Spinsanity made it so I stop using my wine bottles as lazy kates. No, she didn’t get me a bottle of rum.
>Plans were almost made for Outlaw Knitting Friday-yes, I said almost
>An IMPORTANT Zombie Prom Date Knitters project was announced!-Details to follow.

Then I took the Ogre out for some pumpkin pie.

Then I went out with my posse and demanded candy from everyone we saw.

Yeah, and you thought I dressed funny.

So, here’s to another lovely year of:

Foul Language


7 responses to this post.

  1. Love the smelly shirt.Love me some sushi.Had triple chocolate fudge cake for breakfast (really!)Jax’s hat is awesome!O.K. am I seeing double or are those guys twins?!?


  2. Happy Birthday! You can never have enough cake. 🙂


  3. Linda – those are twins! Don’t you think she should knit them matching skull hat? 🙂 By the way Holly – I love the skulls!


  4. Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 28!


  5. Happy Birthday! I am certain you are still 24!


  6. Hahaha! Thanks to all!


  7. happy bday. i am not sure how old you are either. your dad and uncle are looking good. sure would like a pic of them, jeanna and jody, and gwen and corwin. would be fun for relatives to find years from now. great halloween pics. love toady


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