Where I Work! No, it’s not a Musical…I could make it one

I’ve been told “You’re sooo lucky! You’re a MOMMY! You get to stay home with your kids.”

It’s not true, I have a job. This is where I work…Millions of monkey poo, monkey poo for me!

Sure, it’s not run by a generator, and I don’t have to kick at the monkeys, but I do have to occasionally help out with the heavy lifting.

Plus, it has it’s perks…I get to bring my youngest Pig to work with me, I know the best contractors in town, and my boss is really nice! (Long lunches! Home Cooking! Mexican food!)

The heavy lifting wears Pigs out too.

Plus, the job pays for my habit…

O la, la! Pita’s alpaca! Hand spun, hand knit by Marty in record time!

I keep calling his hat “hummus.”

Get it? Pita, hat, topper, hummus? Am I the only one that thinks that’s funny? Yes?

On a side note: I am not getting fat! Michigan is getting cold. Look at my thin, thin, face. I have had to switch to winter layers people! In all photos, you will be seeing me in at least 3 layers. It’s the opposite of a T Rex, I now have a tiny head and big body.

I can’t look at enough monkey poo slides to heat my home, but I can put on more layers.


5 responses to this post.

  1. You’ve lost all kinds of weight–you’re soooo not fat. I’m fat, and I know what I’m talking about. ;)Marty’s hat is really nice, and it’s perfect for needing to wear a hat in the freakin’ cold house as an extra layer. I know that I’m layering up already. It’s gotten cold!


  2. I like the hummus joke. I also don’t think you’re fat. Get off that, sister. I’m moving down the street from a Dairy Queen shortly, so should be able to show you what “fat” looks like approximately 3 months from now. 🙂


  3. I get it, I get it, hummus! Lol! Just curious, what exactly do you do for a living?And you are not fat. You are tiny, I know, because I’ve seen you in person. I’m fat, but not for long because we have a challenge starting at work and I figure with other people to motivate me I should be good to go!


  4. I’m a Laboratory Technician! Which means I can do loads (loads a little poo humor) of crazy clinical, industrial, and pretty much any free lance work you need done.Really, I can work in a hospital and do the lab work your Dr orders, I can work for an evil pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, vet offices, environmental agencies, and any place that has a microscope in between.


  5. Mmmm, layers . . . my house doesn’t get warm even when the heat’s on, so I say why bother, and just put on more sweaters. And hats. And socks. And gloves. Finally my knitting is useful!


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