Don’t Worry about Me Getting Fat, I’ve got it Covered

If you need cub scout popcorn…I got it. Don’t be fooled by inferior popcorn you see on the shelf at your local retail store, purchase from a kid, a kid who is standing in front of a retailer in the freezing cold, goofing around and acting like a fool.

WHY? Because these kids may be selling popcorn to go to Cub Scout Camp this summer so that his Momma can have some peace and quiet.

I’ve got 2 pigs in Scouts, that’s equal to 1 million dollars of very delicious popcorn in my basement.

I was worried that with the Krispy Kreme going out of business my arse would have no way of getting fat. I just did inventory on our remaining popcorn, looks like I’m going to be eating a lot of chocolate covered caramel corn.

I’m taking one for the team.

As for the rest of you, relatives, can you guess what you’re getting for the holidays…


5 responses to this post.

  1. I totally bought the chocolate covered carmel popcorn from the neighbor kid! Is it as good as it looks?


  2. We’re in the midst of that, too, right now, along with a Girl Scout fall candy fundraiser. Ugh. Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas from us–candy or popcorn or both.


  3. My ass neeeeds one of the pictured tins like it needs another cheek. Sell me some!


  4. Tracy – the chocolate covered caramel popcorn is fab. It's what I buy every year. And then I have to bring it in and share at a meeting because it's too good. We've got one who just finished his popcorn sale here and one who is starting her nuts & candy fundraiser.


  5. The choco covered caramel corn is so good I hide it in with my knitting and don’t share it with the fam. If you eat too much you’ll wake up and it will be December 2009…sugar coma. Totally worth it.


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