A Good Time was had by All…

A big thank you to Fabrications in Richland, MI. Really.

Thank you for staying open late.

Thank you for letting us bringing in food.

Thank you for carrying my weakness…

A whole wall of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.

They even have Silky Flamme. Which, yes, there were comments that if I spun something similar, we could call it Snotty Flamme.

Speaking of spinning, all the cool kids are doing it now.

Trish, winner of some Fabulous Briar Rose Yarns, took up spinning last night.

“She asked “how do I make my yarn better.”
I gave this advice
You go home and you get a bottle of wine.
Shannon said “Yes, Holly does spin better with a glass of wine.”
I replied “No, I said a bottle.”

Em, with all the honesty of a teen, sweetly chimed in “She spins best when she’s drunk.”
There you go, my spinning advice.

Spinny did note that I spun by the campfire sober…

But it was dark, no one could see what I was doing.
Even Marty spins better than I do.
I said this, his response was “Pre drafting is the key.”
Somehow, it did not sound like friendly advice. It seemed like fiber, alpacas, llamas and my own Dad were mocking my weak spinning skills. It was very Animal Farm.
Anyway, we met new friends, and had a lovely time. (When I meet you for the third time, I will remember your name. I apologize, it’s problem. It’s not that I don’t like you, it may because of all the spinning I’ve doing.)
Oh, you want to know more about Fabrications?
Super nice, like really nice, fabric store. I know nothing about sewing, but fancy fabric.
Yarn!!! All the fancies that you want to see in a yarn shop. Elsebeth Lavold, including the hempathy line, lot’s of organics. Ok, I was a bit overwhelmed with trying not to buy any more of the E.L. and didn’t do a very good job checking out the other inventory.
But it’s manos, cascade sock, cascade 220, cascasde 128, an organic wool, some organic alpaca, and a bunch of stuff that just made my head spin a la Reagan de Exorcist.
Plus, it’s worth the drive out to fabrications to stop in to Confections after. It’s a real butter lovin’ bakery. Bring at least $20 for baked goods and make Paula Deen proud. (Shout, maybe I should put sugar in my tea.)

4 responses to this post.

  1. “No, I said a bottle.” Now there’s a Girl after my own heart!*sigh* a REAL yarn store. No Lion Brand, Vanna or acrylic in sight *sigh* Ooo! The Briar Rose looks yummy!Marty: Thanks for the pre-drafting tip.


  2. Thanks for the fab prize! And for the even fabber spinning advice. I have some wine waiting for me so I can give it another go this evening. :)Also, I totally ganked the picture you posted of me so I can use it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.


  3. ooooo. .. cascade sock, I want to try that! I agree with Marty, pre drafting is the only way I can spin. I plyed my first yarn today! It’s very fat. Maybe some wine would make my yarn thinner.


  4. LINDA!!One of those Briar Rose Yarns are for you!!I am supposed to be going to the Post Office tomorrow…and the grocery store and, and, andNo prob about the photo.Advice, any time ladies, any time.


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