Spinning is the new Sexy Chocolate

Did someone ask if I was secretly spinning now?

Yes, I have been secretly learning to spin. I’ve also been commissioning Spinsanity to populate the world with custom spindles.

Fibers, yes, yes, my minions, spreading the love of all things fiber. Look how I am accomplishing World Fiber Domination…(Wind Mills next Jaxy, Wind Mills next! Then good public transport)

Yes, I look at Monkey Poo for 1000MonkeysKnit, while there, I help her put together her Majacraft…

Buy Spindles from Spinsanity, buy fiber from Em. Spin all crappy in front of them. Practice in secret.

Co-arrange a Charity Knit with Tracyb in Memory of her sister Barbara J. Hopps (for Hope Lodge)

I make it look like I spin all crappy, I spin in secret.

Then I test crochet patterns for Fat Cat CrochetEncourage Tracyb and Jax to start spinning

You will be assimilated…Linda

You know I’m right. I mean, really, look at your love of Briar Rose Fibers. I wasn’t wrong about that, how can I be wrong about this?


11 responses to this post.

  1. You’re like a superhero, the Secret Spinner.


  2. No, you weren’t wrong about Fiber Rose and you aren’t wrong about this. I actually bought a drop spindle back in July. Can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this….(off to find spinning pics)


  3. Oh! and that Fat Cat Spindle? That is so mine! (evil laugh)


  4. Spinning is so much fun, isn’t it! What would the Secret Spinner’s superhero costume look like? How would the company use her on Heros? These are the important questions.


  5. Spinning~! I will have to blog about my spinning as it progresses on its road of awesome.


  6. Look how all that secret spinning paid off! Now, here we are a couple of years later still telling SpinSanity to make those spindle so we can sell them…and holy pacapoo, you've known FatCatCrochet that long? I can't wait to meet her next week.Thank you for sharing this blast from the past with Fiber Arts Friday 2010.


  7. Yep! FatCat has been in on the Crazy since the very start!


  8. World domination. I like your spinning spirit!


  9. Muhahahaha!


  10. Lovely fiber Holly. What else do you do secretly? hmmm?


  11. If you have to have a secret hobby, I'd say spinning is a nice productive one. Your spinning looks great, and it makes me think maybe I should try a spindle again…. Nah, I'll stick with the purple Babe, I think. I'm not coordinated enough for spindles.Happy spinning, secretly or not!!Jess


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