The Great Wooly North Woods

We met up in Lower, lower Michigan, where Werewolves were dodged in my driveway, skillfully I might add, by my co-pilot Jax (more hysterical at her place of bloggy.)

Then we hopped into a Boy Scout approved and fully loaded Mazda 5 for our journey to Northern (lower) Michigan.

There was talk of drinking whiskey from the bottle,
finding Kid Rock and beating him to death with said bottle, Global Domination, windmills, Global Domination and the use of windmills in the take over, a little place called Lisa’s Grille where the food was not up to Paula Deen’s level of butter standards (which means it was heart healthy) there we may have crashed the Men’s Bathroom, (with the good graces of the restaurant’s cook) and continued on north.

No sooner than we unloaded the car we heard the welcoming cry of “Hey Lady with the Cake!!” Who was it? None other than our own Tracyb!

Already with purchases in bag and ready to stitch! (Note full bag)

We dropped off the pink frosted chocolate cake in the Hospitality area and promptly took over a large table.

There we meet up with fellow Ravelry Do Gooders: RenateS, Valley,Perchance to Knit, Leah (thank you for letting us crash your campfire!!!) and I swear Steam, but I can’t find her in Rav. Please correct me in comments. You were all totally awesome, and I feel like an ass. (again, still, more, often-your choice)

Then I did some official “Charity Organizer” business. Ok, really, I had to run to the bathroom and accidentally did offical charity organizer business. That sounds awful. I heard a ruckus, thought it was zombies, went to defend the bunnies, ran into Spinsanity, then ran into Teresa, and lo and behold…

Turns out the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival Organizers think, no, we weren’t in trouble, they think we are awesome!

So we, being of awesome mind and charity spirit, we were invited back next year!

What Tracy did while I slowly did my part: aka messed around

Yes, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters were sought out to be at the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival as a collective. You will be assimilated, you will have a rocking good time, have cake,

try to fit a bunny,

then a round oak stove-I know a collector, it was going to be a gift-into your knitting bag

harass the vendors

harass the vendors

photo 1-my8kidsmom and her sweet hat!- photo 2-Em! I made her pose with her fiber business!

Yes, I got another Spinsanity spindle…and MORE Briar Rose yarn. But Tracy and I are going to

do a knit a long…in theory. She’s, uh, faster and more focused than I am.

then we learned to spin by fire light. Really…

Then some of us braved the fabulous breakfast foods offered by the gourmet chefs at the Big Boy in West Branch.

Is this potato that I have in my mouth?

No, it was like a tator tot stuff with creamed corn and deep fried. That’s wrong. There are few things I won’t eat and cream corn is one of them. I was tricked. Damn you, Northern (lower) Michigan and your sneaky creepy breakfast foods!

Last I leave you with a question: How many Zombie Prom Date Knitters can you fit into a Moose Decor hotel room with zombie parts stashed under the bed?

Bonus question: How many zombies did we have stashed under the bed?

Oh, you wish I could tell you the stories…

The Hopps for Hope Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket? Is it done? Uh, well, I do have some work left to do on it…ends to sew in, edging to edge around, but it makes a lovely housecoat…

Molly Weasley’s coming over for tea. She’s a bit torqed she wasn’t invited to the finishing party, but you know, she’s a real whiz when it comes to crochet. It’s almost like magic. It should be done in a jif.


5 responses to this post.

  1. KIM!!!Kim of Briar Rose Charity Project???Am I the biggest ASS in the World??? YES. I’m going to cry. I so wanted to meet you and I did and I was too dumb to realize. With Love,Big Dumb Head


  2. Hey!!!It’s the lurker! My screen name on Rav is Steam957. Thanks for posting all the great photos.


  3. The blanket looks very cool! Way to go Girls!”Is this potato that I have in my mouth? No, it was like a tator tot stuff with creamed corn and deep fried.” Honey they deep fry pickles and Twinkies here in the South.”Last I leave you with a question: How many Zombie Prom Date Knitters can you fit into a Moose Decor hotel room”…Four.


  4. I LOVE deep fried pickles! As for the fried twinkie…we dated during fair week…Zombie Prom Date Knitters in a Moose Decor Hotel Room…Keep Guessing!


  5. : )You are funny. Yes, THAT Kim. It looks like you recovered from your harrowing sewing expedition to enjoy the retail offerings of the show. This is one of my favorite festivals.Love ya right back!


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