Really, something about a gift horse

Why no knitting photos?

Have I not been knitting?

Is the evil camera out of commission?!!!

Well, turns out I have been knitting. I’ve been working on a red Helena sweater. Wait! Didn’t I just finish a very sassy Helena sweater for one very sweet baby Addy?

Why, yes, yes I did.

The parents of Addy even asked if I was deluded and wondered if I thought it was Addy’s birthday and that’s why I sent a baby sweater, a Target gift card, and various other baby gifts.

For the record, Addy was born July, 4th of this year.

I was kind of thinking a sweater in North Carolina in July would be, under used, so I dragged my feet on weaving in those ends.

As for the other gifts:
Target gift card-if anyone out there wants to send me one, email me, we’ll set something up.
Baby stuff-Babies need stuff.

Ok, speed bump over. Knitting, another knitty Helena. Which for those of you interested, there is now a grown up version of this sweater in the new fall knitty.

Look, here’s Hermia

This is also by Alison Green Will, but like kittens, this sweater has grown up to be a cat. Some people like cats.

Anyway, back to the camera, and the evil and well, it all comes down to Monkey Poo, Michael Phelps, Scouts, Zombies and Pigs.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t like cats. I’m a dog person. I like Helena, but I think Hermia makes the model look kind of dumpy. And if it makes her look dumpy it’s just gonna make me look fatter. February Lady is kind of similar, but cuter I think. It’s on Rav. Hope the knitting takes away some of your stress!


  2. Yea, I thought the model was preggers. That does not translate to a good look on me either.


  3. hah, I love your kitten to cats analogy ’cause I don’t like the “grown up” version either!


  4. I think it’s that the grown-up version is so bottom-heavy in design. A more busty woman would look great in it, and maybe shortening would help so that the line hits at the right spot instead of too far down, emphasizing the hips/butt. I don’t see any waist shaping, either, and that’s easy to add in, too.


  5. But why work so hard on a sweater that looks great on a baby?


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