My Canadian Roots are Showing

Did you see the $1 coin commercials during the Olympics? You know, the one with Lady Liberty walking around NY and then paying for a hot dog with 2 $1 coins.

Then there were encouraging words that we could save the economy, the country and then the whole world by using the $1 coin instead of the wasteful paper bill. I was so on board!

So, I’ve been searching for info about the $1 coin ever since. You know I love me some loonies, I was ready for some American $1 change to catch on.

Finally, and I mean finally, I found out why I’ve been having trouble finding any info.

Only 4 cities in the US were chosen as test cities for the new coin.
Portland, OR
Austin, TX
Charlotte, NC
and…Grand Rapids, MI

Here’s a link to the whole article

Please note the inconsistency the AP used in abbreviating the four cities’ states. Ore, Texas, and then N.C. Isn’t that odd? Could it be more random, or was ignorance at play?

So, vote early, vote often. Uh, I mean, go forth and spend, spend with change!

Dang, I should write slogans for the US Mint, that’s catchy.


One response to this post.

  1. I want some of those! I would much rather use a coin for dollars than keep a ton of ones around (kids are losing teeth fast, and that Tooth Fairy’s broke).


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