Stitching Memories Yarn Swap and brain wave

Stitching Memories is holding it’s Second Annual Yarn Swap Saturday Sept 20th from 11-3.

Super fun, right? $5 to join in the fun, with the fiver going to charity, and $5 if you need to rent a table. Hit link if you need more details. Or call the shop.

So, this lead me to think, wow, I have a huge stash of yarn, you have a huge stash of yarn, everyone I know has a huge stash of yarn, now hold on for a bit…

There’s this building for sale down town that I’ve wanted to buy with the imaginary money I have in my imaginary bank account. I have no actually business in mind, I just wanted to have people come hang out. The plan was all very Dharma from that one Dharma and Greg episode, accept I would have to charge you to come in to hang out. I’d have to pay the utilities some how.

ANYWAY…the yarn swap lead me to thinking, “what about a Yarn Consignment Shop?” It’s not like my downtown doesn’t already have like 5 consignment shops. Why not one more, plus the hang out space. I mean, I’m using my imaginary money, why not.

There you go, please, someone with real money, take this idea and run. A yarn consignment shop, and hang out place. No barky ass dogs, comfy couches, rum and cola, and cupcakes. I think that would be just fine.


7 responses to this post.

  1. My imaginary check is in the mail!


  2. I believe that I would like to invest some of my imaginary money in this venture. How much do you need? $250,000? $500,000?? Just let me know. I have more imaginary money than I could ever spend in two lifetimes.


  3. Crap! I forgot about my imaginary stash of imaginary money! LMAO!!!


  4. Thank you all! Because of your support, the Ogre even went over my imaginary business plan last night. He liked it…


  5. Because there hasn’t been enough rain on the party lately: I noticed in the Gazette “Jottings” yesterday that someone is already doing this in town!! No fair! (or–is it you?)


  6. No!! It wasn’t me!!Gosh, I’m a trendsetter or mindreader!


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