Blissfully Spending Knitting Money

Has anyone else been suckering out of there money by the glossy loveliness of the new Debbie Bliss magazine?

I was. Of course I was, what am I saying. A knitting magazine, and me with a 40% off coupon?

But really, it’s dead sexy inside. There’s a whole section on grey. Yes, the color grey and the loveliness of it.

See, in Michigan, we are at the same blah, blah as the old world vineyards so the British Knits make me feel all swoony too.

Interpretation of above sentence: “Oh, right, we just went on that wine tour, and they said something about Michigan being located on the same something, something as France, which is just across some water from England, right? So, doesn’t that make Michigan the same as England? Thus making me Canadian?”

Anyway, rush out, make Debbie Bliss, uh, Blissful, buy the magazine. It will fill the void left by the disappointment of the last Interweave Knits.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Interweave was kinda lame, huh? I bet no one around here has the Debbie Bliss mag. Are there any good sweaters? Let me know.


  2. I happily plunked down my money for this mag yesterday – fabulous!


  3. I want it! I need to have it! Please tell us where you purchased it?


  4. But I don’t like Debbie Bliss’s designs. Humph. Is there anything by anyone else in there? Maybe I could get some ideas for myself. I do like grey . . .


  5. I will have to see if I can find some of that Blissyumminess.


  6. I got mine at Jo Anne fabrics and also saw it at Michael’s!!!I will bring it to the coffee shop in my new ZPDK bag!


  7. ooo…. I have a JoAnn’s! Guess where I’m going today? 🙂


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