Yee-Haw! It’s a boy…Blanket that is!

Time’s up! It’s over! Again, what the heck am I talking about?

The Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast Zombie Prom Date Knitters, I’m Bad, I’m Nation Wide, Blanket for the Hope Lodge time to get squares in is OVER.
Who will win some of these lovely prizes??

Well, let’s get a refresher on the prize categories and who sent in squares.

1. Most Squares
2. Queen of the Day-Sewing it up Prize
3. Best Intentions
4. Best Bribe-Which you all are in the running for, so I’m calling this category Organizers Choice.
Please note: We will not be sewing this bad boy up until September 27th at the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival so, if you still have a square, send it in! You are still eligible for a prize…best intentions, Organizers Choice, plus, check the new prizes…Patterns!!!
Why all the prizes? Because we are all winners. Thanks for all your help in this project!
Linda of FatCatCrochet has really outdone herself.
She was the first one in with squares, and also sent in the last batch…plus, the bribes were outstanding!!!
Next up Amy of knitandfallbackinit with 3 squares.
Handknit, hand dyed, and tye dyed due to prodding! Tye dyed! LOVE IT!
Chris! Chris of Briar Rose Fibers! I’d give you a prize for being so awesome!
But since the above listed prizes are from you, that would be so lame! Thank you, thank you for all your support in this project! You really went above and beyond!
Desi, of Kalamazoo Knitters, the leader our rival Water Street knitting group no less, took time from knitting for Warm Woolies to make a square!
Thank you! Thank you!
(She’s also the owner of the yarn I’d like to adopt)
kathrynp!! Look how awesome!
Trish sent in these 6 squares on Friday! Sweeeeet!
Here we have my pathetic few. I’d like to note the one on the needles is done now, and I started another, just for good measure.
Now, last but not least, we have Tracyb! Our Rizzo, our leader!
Here’s what our baby could look like.

Yes, yes, his head’s all smooshed and his ears stick out, but he’s our baby, so don’t call him ugly.


4 responses to this post.

  1. How wonderful! And my square is still sitting in one of my bags. Eep!


  2. He’s special, maybe eccentric, but obviously full of hope! Love it! Thanks for calling me Rizzo! 🙂


  3. OMG! He’s so us! All different and all coming together. How awesome is that! Yee-haw!


  4. There ain’t nothing wrong with him that a good blocking wouldn’t fix.He RAWKS, and so do you, Holly. You are the one that deserves the prizes for coming up with the idea in the first place.


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