A Finished Object, and Hopps Finishing Details

As I relax with my needlework, I quietly reflect upon the days events:

wrangling Pigs,

chasing zombies,
and feeding girafes.

I wonder, “Gee, I wonder why I never have any finished objects to show off.”

But wait a minute, look what I managed to actually finish. I mean really finish, ends woven in and all.

A crochet string bag like the kind Linda of FatCatCrochet makes and sells for Charity.

Left Fat Cat Crochet, Right Copycat Crochet.

Like my attempts at project storage and pattern reproduction.

Somehow a piece of paper was never handy. At least I’m ready to roll when I want to make another.

Anyone wondering about the short sleeved version of the knitty helena sweater and how my niece Addy is liking it?

Well, if you notice from the photo, it’s still being stitched up. Yes, super quick to knit, super quick to finish, but well, ah, they live in North Carolina for crying out loud and I figured the baby really didn’t need a sweater in August. Yeah, that’s why I haven’t finished it yet.

Now speaking of finishing…

I think we may have nailed down a date for the Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket Sewing Bee.

Date: Saturday September 27th

Location: Northern Michigan Lamb and Sheep Festival
West Branch, Michigan

At the Hospitality area they are hosting a drop in Charity Knit In, for a local woman’s shelter and a resting area. I think we could be able to put together our charity item there.

They are also taking MACHINE WASH YARN, suitable for scarves. If you would like to donate that to them (de-stash anyone?) it’s like a thank you for using the space. Or unloading the left over orange and green yarn that you never want to see again.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I totally have donatable yarn. But not the orange and green stuff. I’ve developed a taste for it. I’m putting it lovingly away in the stash to be pulled out during the white and gray winter of Northern Michigan, when I’m sure I’ll need it!


  2. Awesome job on the copycat bag! Very nicely copied! He he!(Hey use the little Zombie Shovel Bag to stash the instructions in!)


  3. I think yours turned out better than mine.


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